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to feel sad. Hard times once again mean dh is working nights as well as days.
Lovely sunny evening, children at a critical time, especially H who is revising for exams. The show must go on. No family bbq for us, this evening, though.
Went for an interview for a job in the week - well, it wasn't really an interview, more a cattle market - gave the employer chance to get a look at and about 3 minutes to chat with about 60 applicants. Never easy in charity shop clothes and eight year old shoes.
I am battling, to be honest, with just the teeniest bit of resentment. Though I do know that all my mistakes are my own, and no one elses. Just some of the recent ones are really bugging me.
That's all :D


Deedee said...

(((HUG))) for you Jackie! If you want to read something happy, pop over to my blog and read all about it! We are getting our girl!!!!!! :o) I've been meaning to email you and tell you. Thanks for praying with us! Missing you on here! - Deedee

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