The world is a whirl

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of a fabulous service at our 'new' church, which was full of joy and open ness and children (well it was a dedication) and food and just well worship really.
It's a struggle to leave behind the constraints, the critical spirit, the fear and the worry, and just believe, but we're getting there. We really are.
And the longest day is always a great day for us. I mean, we have pagan friends who head for Stonehenge, but it's not that kind of a great day.
When I'm in the middle of winter, I find the winter solstice is the whole crux of the year. We are tired, we are cold, we are battle weary, but the turn of the year always lifts our spirits, and enables us to go on.
I long for summer, as the hart pants for water and all that. And then it comes, and on this day, we find ourselves, exhausted, worn out by the endless available hours during which we, of course, availably work.
So this day marks for me another turning point. One where we head back into sane working hours, and time to dream believe and pray, time to reap and gather and hold. It's a long way off yet, but I can feel it in the air. Praise Him for His endless mercies, autumn and log fires will come!


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