Join in ... Choosing Contentment


OK so I thought every week or so, I would post a photo in some way representing my choice to be content (lets see how long it lasts!)
My first picture is the button above - it's a primrose I planted in a my favourite mug - when it (sob) broke. So choosing to be content with a pretty new flower pot, then!
Please join in!
  1. Post a Comment
  2. Grab the button above (please link it back to this post)
  3. Once a week (or so, you know, it's a relaxed feature!) post a picture or small thought reminding yourself and all of us to choose to be content.


Ellen said...

This is a fab idea and I want to participate. However, since I havne't even posted on my blog since last Friday, for pete's sake, I'm hesitant to add another thing! Oh, for a normal week! Do they even exist??

Love the mug, by the way, and your way of "saving" it. The word in all the U.S. magazines is: "repurposing."

Paula said...

Love the blog - wish I had found it earlier!
Contentment is so much easier when we deep down realise God is in control and really does work all things together for our good.
The seasons of lfe can be hard, but spring is sure to follow winter, and though our winters may seem long there's a lot going on underground!
I don't blog - but I'm with you on your contentment project :-D

helly said...

Hi Have just ound your blog and I am really enjoying it!! I use my broken mugs for plants too,though there is one in the dogfood sack to measure thr rations out! and one doubling as a soapdish on the kitchen windowsill!
Am in favour of the contentment posts!!

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