In the light of recent events...

Dorothy, meet Cat.
Cat, this is Dorothy.

You will find yourselves on my blogroll, over there >>>>

It strikes me, you may have things in common, y'know?
With the stuff Cat is going through right now, Dorothy has kind of been there.

I've made some tea, help yourselves to chocolate digestives.

I'm off out to look over the horses.




Zookeeper Cat said...

Hey, chocolate digestives, one of my faves!

Thanks, Jackie. It's always good to "meet" another sister. :~) Took me awhile to get up to speed, I haven't been online too much the last few days. We're scrambling to get our new bedroom plastered and painted--more of those never-ending renovations.

Finally convinced Dave to buy a new bed, since he's had ongoing pain since breaking his neck several years ago. It's supposed to be arriving Friday. Hope the room's ready in time. It's something to keep me busy, anyway, and I sort of need that right now.

Dorothy said...


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