We love having friends across the ocean

a long time ago, just before this blog was rejuvenated, when there was a lot going on in the World shall we say politically, I discovered, or was discovered by Ellen, a fellow Amblesiding mother in the US.
You know how it is with the internet, some folks just hit it off, and that's how it was with Ellen and me, we just laughed at the same things, loathed the same hypocrisies, loved the same stuff.
Well, today, WE MET ELLEN!
It was such fun for us, they were passing through on their way to catch a plane back home, and we arranged to meet them at Avebury, on the A4, for a couple of hours of chat, and as it turned out, sunshine, laughter, and the church of St James at Avebury, which bizarrely, I have never before been in, and what a little gem that turned out to be!
It was a glorious day, and a wonderful chance to meet someone who really helped with the doldrummy worriscape around here.
Safe journey, Ellen, and Tanya. Come back soon.


Lynn said...

oh, thats lovely!

Dorothy said...

Great place for a rendezvous!

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