This little Guiding light of mine ....

I don't often blog about Guides. I suppose I feel it's one of the few things I DO more than talk about. But occasionally ...

Tonight, in a small, thatched village hall, nearly fifty girls and young women got together for fun activities and an Easter Egg Hunt.

The eight women in uniform - and here I'm counting one 16 year old who officially is still a 'Young Leader' but in reality is ten times more reliable and sensible than most adults - who gave their time and skill to organise the event were not paid. They are never paid.

There were girls of several religions, and none. Of several colours. Of very different backgrounds, economic, social... girls with one parent, girls with two, girls with more ! ... girls from several schools, girls who are homeschooled.

Sometimes, our umbrella organisation gets carried away, and the general public and the media have a field day, but in the end ... Jesus said ... suffer the little children to come unto me .... and He didn't attach any conditions.

A friend of our organisation frequents the local pub. He told me tonight, that a young lady who works in there, innocence long since defeated, scarred by life and growing up, told him - every time I walk into the Village Hall, I remember what it was to be happy.

She was a Brownie.

We may not be perfect. But our hearts are in the right place.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes all we can offer is a safe place from the usual crud the world dishes out. And that's more than all the nice words about faith we could dish out. {3 cheers}

Dorothy said...

Oh, that made me cry!

Keep up the good work!

Not making me cry, but making girls happy.

Grace is a Young Leader, but I'm not sure how much help she is, really. She loves it though. And fortunately our town has just started a new fortnightly group for all the local Young Leaders/ Rangers, which she is loving too!

Thank God for people like you who are prepared to put in the time commitment in such acts of service.

PlainJane said...

Oh dear, I'm behind in my visits again. Wonderful job in being able to see the fruits of your labors in Guides - may God bless you and yours in your work and ministry there.

How is your pony doing? Better I hope! Did you find out what was wrong?

And my, salads and whatnot from your garden/greenhouse already. Yummy!

Wishing you and yours a blessed weekend!

Mam said...

I became a Christian through contacts with a church and with another girl when I was a Guide. Happy memories!!

Have a lovely Easter.

Hazel xx

Rachel L from NZ said...

Hi Jackie!
Lov'n hearing from you. The timeshare let me have the Enid Blyton book! Yay!! They said to just replace it with another children's book, so I gave them one of mine.:o) Thanks for offering to find it for me though - I really appreciated you offering to do that for me.
You should try and come to NZ - our govt are a real pushover with immigration. Truly - they let anyone in! LOL! My whole entire neighbourhood (except for two families) are English immigrants. I love them! We're all from England originally anyway. We've got a great primeminister! The house next door is for sale....
need to know more? :o)
Rachel L

Lynn said...

smashing post, Jackie

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