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I wonder if I get less done, or if I expect more of myself, get more done, and still whine?!
I feel like nothing got done today.
In reality, I cleared a bed for garlic - I was going to start planting, it's very late, but decided to let the bed and its evil couch grass roots lay open to the hopefully hard frost tonight. Maybe that will knock it back!
With H's help, I taped up a huge hole in the polytunnel. It's very much a first aid measure, but it's done.
I pricked out about a million larkspurs.
I took a good zip out of a dead pair of jeans, and put it into a good pair of jeans which had a broken zip (Neil's). To do this, I had to dig out my trusty Singer hand cranked machine. It did all those triple denim layers without complaint. I love that thing.
I fetched and carried girls to and fro - H to the yard, Boo to work, and onto town to meet her friends.
I invented and cooked lentil and bean burgers, I made burger rolls,  marmite chips and two kinds of coleslaw for supper.
I made two loaves of bread.
I made a pot holder out of part of the aforementioned busted up jeans.
H and I did all the afternoon chores - sheep, chickens, ponies, goats, turkeys and plants.
Written down, it looks a lot more!


Andrea said...

It sounds like you got huge amounts done. What counts of course is whether it's what you *intended* to get done, and that's where it tends to all go wrong. I find a list of just the key things each day helps. If I write down everything it becomes overwhelming.

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