Uber Frugal '16

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Going for it!
Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired! ©Dave Ramsey

I wrote those first two lines at the beginning of the year.
Clearly, I've written precious little else since.

The situation here has come to a head, and we have decided we have to get focused, get out of debt, and build ourselves a future. Who cares if I'm past the middle of the 50s? I work in a place where two of the residents are over 100. I'm not saying it's going to happen, only God knows that, but it's a bit early to be giving up, especially as the hubster is 8 years younger than me!

So, we have to make some hard choices, get on a written budget, and get out of the mess.Then we can work on making good things happen.

Homesteading on a shoestring is in one way a good mix - growing your own food and living simple ought to bring down the outgoings - but in another way, a challenge. When things go wrong, they go spectacularly wrong, and that usually *costs*!

I was offered extra hours at work, and I'm taking at least one more day. I'm pushing for a full five day week, but I don't think that's going to be offered.

Meanwhile, we've decided realistically that 'farm' activities need to be curbed this year, and my main or possibly only business venture will be a new one - cut flowers.  So I've bought a modest amount of seeds and a good book on the subject, and here we go.

I follow lots of great 'frugal' blogs - and I might be bothering one or two of the authors for a guest post and a bit of support!

Anyone else taking debt by the horns this year?


mel said...

living on a shoestring has become something of an art form around here and i'm constantly re-inspired by other people doing the same. there's nothing quite so empowering as getting out of - and staying out of - debt. And it all goes hand in hand with living a simpler, quieter life...which has always been my ultimate goal.

My first hurdle to overcome was getting to a state of peace over being 'externally' employed...but now I see my little job as providing me with the freedom - and peace of mind - to focus on home and family and, very slowly, start to build the life I wish to live.

much love to you...xo

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