Stupid Tax

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Anyone who's listened to Dave Ramsey knows about Stupid Tax. It's what you pay for being a dimwit who gets into debt, or makes other bad financial decisions. Credit Card debt is Stupid Tax, as are parking fines, bank charges, overdue library fines - in fact if you could have avoided it by using your brain, and yet some how you're still paying it, it's Stupid Tax.
We have a lot of this darn tax to pay.
Today was Neil's birthday, and it was a pretty scrimpy day. I'd scraped money off the top of every category and bought him some work boots he wanted. H bought him a book - Church Zero - which he was excited about, and Boo bought him a new padded shirt.
We had a nice meal, and I plan on making him a lovely Indian Fakeaway sometime in the week.

But you know what? Paying off stupid tax and watching people you love go short of stuff on their special days absolutely stinks, so lets get at this debt and cash flow problem as soon as possible!

We are now designing a way to stay as true as possible to our homestead ideal - to make grow and produce anything we possibly can and avoid buying where we can learn to produce - and to stick to a simple and God honouring life - at the same time as moving up a gear in terms of earning and scrimping, to straighten up our stewardship and give ourselves choices.

This will involve selling some livestock,  concentrating on producing for ourselves and only selling surplus when it truly is surplus, and fitting the homesteading life in around more work off-site for both of us.

Watch this space for hopefully interesting hints on tips on how this works!


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