I just don't know

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Right now, we're trying to figure a way we can employ Boo on the land for a few hours a week, and provide her with wheels - but at the same time producing something of worth. We can't just hand her money and a car.
It's complicated why we want to do it like this - she's hell bent on a car and we want her to focus on her exams. We want her back in the family/farm fold just a bit more before she goes off to uni. (She's applied to Oxford which is a long process, and three out of her four other unis have already made her offers, two unconditional as long as she opts for them as firm choice.)
In the midst of this financial juggling, a new shared ownership house has come up, and I would *really* like it.
We'd have to juggle and fiddle to qualify for the house.
We'd have to juggle and fiddle to work out the Boo and sheep gig.
There's no way to do both.
In an instant, I feel like doing the right thing by my daughter is a no brainer.
But we need a roof over our heads and some security.

Not sure which way to go.


mel said...

oy vey. that's a tough one...a really, really tough one.

i hope you'll find some clarity around it all....if it were me, it'd be one of those "throw it up to prayer" moments..then scanning the sky for swans or ravens, or the hedgerow for deer ;)

I'm guessing you'll have a similar, albeit less heathenish, approach.... ;)

i'll be thinking of you - but i know you'll do the right thing for all concerned. xoxo

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