Do you ever have one of those days?!

I've lost the adapter that makes my printer and puter work together. Oh I've found it. Now the printer's broken. Map exercise for Guides tonight relies on printer. It will only print pink. Not good for maps. Unless of British Empire {g}

Open sewing machine to thread up for H to get on with Christmas presents. Cannot find bobbin to fit sewing machine. Attachment compartment contains many bobbins. None of them fit machine. Why is this? Why are they even there? Must have REMOVED one bobbin from machine, must have had yellow thread on it. It has mysteriously disappeared.

List of To Dos for today as yet unstarted, yet have not stopped since6.30am this morning. What am I doing? I mean literally - what am I doing?!


Catherine said...

Oh I know those irritating! I hope your day improved!

Catherine x

PlainJane said...

LOL, you are so funny! So how did it go with pink maps for Guides?

Yes, I think that is a universal thing about the bobbins. We must have about 50 bobbins, and of course, none of them have the right color I need when I want to use the machine. I hope the rest of your week gos smoother.

Now I must run and play a quick game of restaurant (I'm a customer and our basement is a restaurant) and then it's off to clean that main level I was telling you about. :)

Dorothy said...

I hate days like that!

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