H poorly today, she's finally succumbed to the flu, so spent most of the day in bed - or actually mostly on the sofa in the sitting room, because I am trying to turn her room into a guest room, since Nana and Grandad are due to visit on Friday.
I actually managed to plant out some cauliflower plants, water the salads in the polytunnel, make a steak and kidney pie ... and ..er.. that's it!
Boo had a jumping class, so she had to go with Daddy, as I had to stay here with H - apparently she did really, really well, so sorry to have missed it.
It's cold and the mornings are lovely
but unfortunately the ground is wet, which makes it impossible for the horses to go out.
I'm not getting ready for Christmas nearly quickly enough, but somehow, it doesn't seem to matter - it just feels like a season, a time of family closeness, a dark, cold season .. and soon the day will be here, and we'll be huddled in the school room of our little chapel, and that will be all that really matters.
Maybe next year will be the year I finally get to entertain, to hand out mince pies and sherry, to have the perfectly decorated house .... it was meant to be this year, but... erm ....


PlainJane said...

Hi Jackie,
Sorry to hear that H is ill, give her a hug for me. I hope she feels better soon, and congratulations to Boo on her jumping.

That is really nice that you can plant things now at this time of year in your poly tunnel - that I wouldn't be able to do here, it's just too cold.

Have a Blessed day!

Dorothy said...

And isn't it the solstice soon too? The return of the sun! That's worth celebrating also, without going all pagan, obviously! LOL!

joc4jesus said...

I think it all sounds wonderfully Christmassy,... never mind perfect decorations.

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