Had to get poor old H to the dentist yesterday, the roof of her mouth erupted in horrid little ulcers/spots - I was assuming that it was to do with the cold/flu whatever it is, but the dentist wanted to be sure, so he said he'd see her at 4pm.

Just getting into town with barely seconds to spare, we spotted blue lights and sirens behind us, not unusual along that stretch, past Police HQ, so pulled over at the side of a roundabout to let them by.

To my horror they pulled ME over and into a side street. They announced I had passed a camera which had identified my car as uninsured. Knowing that the renewal had been done a month or so ago, but also knowing how hopeless both of us are at admin, my heart sank.

I got hold of Neil to ask him to get home and find the details, and please to ring the dentist. They got onto the ABI database, and my insurance broker.

To cut a very long story short (long, long, way over time for the dental appointment long) it turns out that the car was insured, but someone, either broker or underwriter, had not bothered to register the fact with the ABI database.

Moral - carry your insurance certificate with you. Praise God I had my licence, as I used to be a horror for not carrying that, or not having a current address on it, but on this occasion, bingo.

Brickbats - Swintons and/or AXA for leaving me open to public humiliation.

Bouquets - the lovely, LOVELY Ferndale Dental Clinic, who still saw my daughter!


Dorothy said...

Ugh, how horrible for you!

OTOH how great that the police have a way, inefficient though it is, of finding uninsured drivers! (We've been hit by one on two occasions!)

How is H, anway, what was the cause of the ulcers?

PlainJane said...

Wow, the police over there keep tabs on who has insurance? I have never heard of such a thing. Don't they have better things to do over there - like catching bad guys.

Jackie said...

Hi Jane!
Well yes, it's a legal requirement to have third party motor insurance, and someone who doesn't have that insurance, and then drives into you, maiming, killing or destroying you, your family or property *is* kind of a bad guy in my book LOL

I don't have a problem with uninsured drivers being brought to book. I'd just like my insurance company to do the necessary, so that I am not pulled over under suspicion! :0)


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