Dull Day

Admittedly, we did have some bright sunshine this morning.
But I'm thinking more of the endless pile of paper I am trying to wade through in connection with the setting up of our dairy company.
Honestly, I'd rather just go outside with the goats, or in the garden.
Mind you it is cold and glum out there.
Not as glum as The Companies Act of 1985, I am here to tell you.


Catherine said...

Have you snow? It has been really icy here and it began to snow this evening! I wish I could stay in by the fire instead of going out! I hate driving in the snow and ice!

Catherine x

PlainJane said...

Hi Jackie,
I hope you are feeling much better and the family is well too. It's a very cloudy day here today and COLD, but no snow in our area - just north and south of us.

I like your new Christmas overlay on your blog. That is neat. I didn't know you were so talented in graphics - a woman of many talents.

Have a Nice Day!

Anonymous said...

Hello there Jackie -

apologies, I'm new to your Blog; I stumbled across it via a comment you left for Fiona (on the 'Cottage Smallholder' Blog).

I'm fascinated to know more about your new dairy business. I say this because we established our own company (Lovespoon) last year....we have a modest herd of pedigree British Toggenburg milkers here on our 36-acre holding, & craft goats' milk gelato (luxury, low fat natural ice cream) here in South West Wales. Around 30 of the ladies are 'in milk' & we have three Stud Males with the rest being youngstock followers.

We've built a state-of-the-art, carbon-neutral Dairy Complex complete with luxury goat housing & a new Milking Parlour; & are working on constructing stainless steel-lined Process Rooms so that we can craft the gelato on farm rather than at Food Centre Wales, whose premises we currently have to utilise (a great resource but limiting in terms of usage time & distance).

We too have horses/ponies - like you, a skewbald Shetland (plus we have a little piebald chap; & together they make a superb driving pair). We also have a matched pair of black Welsh Cobs, although so far only one is broken to harness.

In addition to this menagerie we have a modest flock of sheep; some laying hens; Indian Runner ducks; Maine Coon cats; & a very cheeky young Border Collie pup - so plenty to keep me occupied!

If you're interested in learning more about what we're up to, do visit our blogs at http://littleffarmdairy.wordpress.com & http://lovespoon.wordpress.com - & if you have any questions or interesting notes to swap, that'd be great. Things will be getting busy here as we'll be kidding again shortly....roll on the patter of many tiny feet!

If you're ever in this neck of the woods do pop over for a visit, it'd be great to meet up with a like-minded BT fan!

Best wishes,

Jo @ LittleFfarm Dairy.

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