Today I would just like

for some of my sidebar friends to meet.

'PlainJane' - who lost her beloved Peanut a few months ago and my dear friend Ellen, whose beautiful Lily passed away on Thursday.

Hugs to you both. Dogs are so loved, so integral to our families. How hard it is to part.

If you are feeling strong enough, maybe share with another sidebar friend, the beautiful poem which was posted when the guys at La Ferme de Sorrou lost their beautiful Border Collie, Max.

Ellen, if you still feel weepy, maybe leave it for another day.


Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Hi Jackie...what email address do you think you used to perhaps register at A Gathering of Days forum? I don't see any user names or emails that strike me as yours...but then, what do I know ;o) Go ahead and re-register and if we track you down, we'll worry about it then. There aren't a ton of ladies there yet.


Ellen said...

Jackie, thank you, thank you for your kind words about Lily and for the link to the poem. I loved it (although it DID make me teary-eyed). I'm going to post the link on my blog. You are such a good friend.

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