So Yesterday

is gone already! While I was being it, I had all kinds of wonderful prose to share with you, about the hammering, blinding rain, the traffic lights and gridlock outside the school, the long drive home, and the joys of a Pony Club Parents' Evening.
But now, I can barely remember a thing, but that my friend Ali and I reminded ourselves that in this season of our lives, it's about the children, and I reminded myself, that every year I want to have a magical and hospitable Christmas, and every year I don't, because I don't prepare!

So I'd better start on today, which once again dawned extremely wet, and was a challenge, pony wise. Mac and Smartie have been out for a couple of hours, Archie and Buttons stayed in - tomorrow they forecast gale force winds, so if I have to leave them in tomorrow, I had to get the Ballistic Brothers out for some time today!

Hannah came around for coffee, and to have a mini Usborne meeting, we reorganised our schedules and tried desperately to figure out how not to cover the same ground. Then Cynthia and P came to spend time with Buttons - it was just too wet to ride, so they groomed, and I taught them how to clean tack, and they took their tack home with saddle soap on their shopping list, and a song in their hearts! (P is the little girl who now 'loans' Buttons as her very own. He is impressed!)

And now I am about to go and pick up children from school, and feed the family. Husband is out driving taxis tonight, and I have to get H and friend into Trowbridge to the theatre for a Pantomime (aren't they usually AFTER Christmas?!) - thankfully the friend's mum is picking up!

And I am going to attempt to clear out the understairs area to make an office. Or, if it is cold damp and horrible, I am going to watch 'The Pursuit of Happyness' (yes it has a Y) which is an assignment from my Homemade Business course, and write Christmas Cards!


Alison said...

Oh my goodness, you are going to write your cards - I've not even bought mine yet !! I stand in awe of you !!! Ali xxx

Dorothy said...

Is that the movie with Will Smith? Did you enjoy it? I LOVED it.

The driving thing, how are you coping?

I'm hating it. Mostly, it's on the worst road in England, the A34. An hour each way yesterday in the wet and wind on the A34. ugh!

Jackie said...

Alison - er.. I didn't actually write a single one! LOL However I have bought some,which is an improvement on most years!

Dorothy - Yes it was Will Smith, yes it was fab. It was an assignment from the e-course I am doing 'Homemade Business with Donna Partow' - it's an excellent course, and free this time around. You can guess why this movie was on the syllabus {g}

Driving is grim. Most days it's not *hard* it's not a horrid road, it's just *boring* driving for two hours a day, and makes the gap in the middle feel very small. I'm finding it a huge challenge.

Dorothy said...

And the complications come when you, yourself, are not feeling well, but the kids are healthy and need to go somewhere and dependent on you. Or one is sick and you don't want to leave them home alone for several hours out of the day while you drive the other one.

It's not for wimps!

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