What are you doing, up so late?

My mother's been gone 25 years - a quarter of a century - it doesn't seem possible, but this year, I realised, I've lived longer without her, than I did with. I don't miss her every single day any more - but I miss her a lot. I have Boo, who is a lot like her, but that doesn't alter the fact that I have lived all my grown up, married, child raising years, without my mama. And my dad, come to that.

And yet. I still hear her voice (and her voice went before she did) - especially when I'm up at 1.20am. Just what am I doing, up so late?

Well, since Neil is still out working, I've been doing some Christmas preparations, and doing a little sewing.

Putting together the 'top' of a stocking - I really love the ideas of personalised stockings, hanging on the chimney breast, so I've started using scraps to make something for each of the girls. What do you think?

It's such fun to make things from scraps lying around - and to personalise them a little bit.

It couldn't be easier - I'm thinking I might put together a little tutorial, but I'm not sure anyone would need one!


Dorothy said...

Hi Jackie,

Just wanted to say Hi and I hope you are doing well.

Ellen said...

Put together a tutorial for ME! I can barely sew on a button. I love the Christmas-y things you're making.

Your longing for your mama made my heart ache. Thinking of you!

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