Little Experiment - Please Help!

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So I've been driving networking working arranging hosting administrating all sorts of lovelies this week. For Guides and Pony Club. Yes, you're right. Those are both volunteer jobs. Not going to put a crust on anyone's table.
So I'm needing a business boost, and I'm asking all my friends if they will help by:

  1. Visiting my website
  2. If you feel able to purchase some lovely high quality books for Christmas presents, go ahead and do so!
  3. Post a link to my website on your facebook status, tweet it, or pop it on your blog.
  4. Ask all *your* friends to consider buying some books, and pass on the link.
Yes, it is just for me. But it's the first time this week I've had time to do a single thing for me. So I'm relying on my friends to help me make up for lost time!

Thanks guys, don't hesitate to ask if I can do the same for you some day soon.


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