Made a Start

It's not February yet, but I've made a start on my attempt at uber frugality.

My bread usually comes up at 35p a loaf - or 25p if the flour's on special at Lidl - but it's white, remorselessly, tastily, but not very healthily white. Bread flour at Lidl was 60p - after a brief spell on special at 50p (during which we bought a lot!) to confuse us, it's just gone up to 69p. A 1.5kg bag makes 3 loaves.

Today I bought some wholemeal - I really think it might be worth reordering from Shipton Mill - at £1.59 and tonights loaves were a 50/50 mix. So I reckon they come out at 50p -55p each. Extravagance!

However, I did have a brain wave. I generally make three loaves at a time - a bit wasteful unless there's freezer space. The main waste however, comes when I have to slice the bread for daily sandwiches. I'm rubbish at slicing bread, and I waste too much, as well as making lumpy sandwiches.

So tonight, I've made two loaves, and 12 rolls, which is sufficient for three lunches (girls one each, Neil two) and there is no WAY one of my loaves, sliced in wobbly wedges, would have done three lots of lunches.

Simple, but I think it will make a real difference.


renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I like the roll idea. I find that planning ahead helps too, my bread does not slice so well until it has cooled quite a bit so I make sure it has time to rest before we need to eat it.

About the books, I know what you mean. They were not discarded library books though, they were brought in by someone and left on the free shelf. I would like to imagine that the person did see the value in them and wanted to pass them on to another good home. Which they have definitely found in us!

Longing to be Dotty Harmer ..... said...

I make 50/50 too - much better for my digestion! A xxx

Fiona said...

Your bread looks magnificent. I use a bread maker otherwise I have a tendancy to make bread suitable for use as paving slabs. Would love to produce 'normal' looking loaves!

Ellen said...

Gorgeous bread, Jackie, and I'm sure it's excellent. I've made half-and-half bread in my machine, and I really like it. And what a fab idea about the rolls! Sometimes my girls eschew sandwiches, but if I put the same stuff on a *roll* their outlook is remarkably more upbeat.

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