So, who's up for a challenge?

OK, I am way out of the loop, the last to know about anything.

Only just found the fabulous Shirley Goode via Frugal Queen's blog - and have already waded in to join the February challenge.

What a lot of good, solid information there is on there!

I'm back for another read to and to get some recipes tonight. It would be fun if lots of us were joining in.


PlainJane said...

Hi Jackie, Life is a challenge, so not up to any new challenges right now, but just wanted to send you greetings and warm wishes. Trying to do a little catching up with friends, but I'm so woefully behind. Have a wonderful weekend!!! Blessings to you and yours!


Ellen said...

I like frugality and I like challenges. I read over some of The Goode Life (she's a hoot!), but much material won't translate well to my side of the pond. Still, if I'm creative enough, I can use the info as a jumping off point.

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