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I've had an idea.

Just driving home from taking girls to school - I don't do that very often, any more. (When Neil lost his shepherding job last autumn, we were 'blessed' by his being offered a taxi franchise - yes, I don't mean to be sarky, it really is a blessing. Of sorts. Anyway, what is a real blessing is he manages to incorporate the morning school run into his work day.)

Along the way, there are 'points' of inspiration for me - a farm in a valley with a sad tale to tell - a stone square house crying out for a family from Jane Austen - and a little van with 'Annie's Catering' on it - don't ask me why, but strange things make me connect with destiny !

And this morning ... I had an idea. A sort of businessy, stream of income idea.

It's a secret though, I need to go chat to a special online friend about it, and do some more thinking.

Then I'll tell you!


Sister Lori said...

I didn't know you were on blogspot! Yay! Thank you for your comment on my blog so I could trace you back to yours and follow you! God be with thee Sister!

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