Tales from the Green Valley


Just talking about this with someone, and wondered if anyone else enjoyed it? I'd not seen it in the original, and after my friend Ali raved about it, I watched the whole thing on a daily rerun on 'Yesterday' with Boo when H was away at camp last year.

So fabulous. Love Victorian and Edwardian Farms, but this one was the best!


Esther said...

ooo, yes, this was my fav of them all too. Ex

Lobma. said...

Hi Jackie

Yes it was a lovely series. I liked especially the one where they went on the streamer and ended making ice cream for all of the guests.

Michelle said...

I have this on DVD, I caught it by accident as I saw it on tv the day we came home from the hospital after having my daughter and I just wanted to sit and relax and watch tv and I found it. Lovely series

Jane W. said...

I watched Victorian & Edwardian farm on Youtube but haven't been able to find "Tale from the Green Valley" anywhere on-line. PAL format doesn't work on any DVD player or computer I have access to. :(

Anyone know of a place I can watch it on-line?

Shelly said...

Have you ever found it on line? I've been looking for years with no luck.

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