Something of Spring

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has been in the air, though it is only January.

for the first time in months, there was this, for a start.

and the view in the lane has been like this - look, no snow!

There is green goodness in the garden - this is Black Tuscan Kale, which thankfully we all love and revere - because we have a lot of it!

The smallest shoots of spring goodness are growing in my tunnel in a tunnel.

and in the kitchen, goodness from the fruits of autumn. Oh, how I love these squashes.

and the daily goodness of milk - we just have one goat in milk at the moment - our dear old Scallywag - and this is our daily quart of milk - along with the pile of books which seem to follow me everywhere, as I seek information and inspiration!

So many good things.

The fact that I am fairly sure the soap I made last night has gone horribly wrong almost seems unimportant! Almost.


Jan said...

Your kale looks lovely. I was looking forward to ours but should have harvested before the snow as the rabbits had the lot :(

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