Here I go, treading with care ....

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where angels fear to LOL.

Dear ladies, I seem to have a reputation for charging around in my wellies, which has caused you all to snicker at the very idea of my treading LESS carefully! What I really meant was - I am trying to stop trying to conform to a 'type' - and being in a less 'ordered' area of the blogosphere, I hope my diverse interests and ideas and oddities will all come together happily, without my having to over edit!
As to the selectness of the group ... well .... it's just that on my previous blog, there was always this huge list of contacts, it was a pretty close crowd, though a big one! Here in the massive pool that is Blogger, I'm guessing it's just me and a few friends.

So far, all I seem to have done is explain myself!

Well, it's time I was in bed - it's my birthday this weekend, and all I'm prepared to say is, I'm not 50 yet! It's Remembrance Day on Sunday which means I will be involved with Guides at the village church, flags and all that, so I think my tribe have something up their sleeves for tomorrow. Which probably means I should be getting my sleep in now !


PlainJane said...

I knew what you meant Jackie and I'm glad you can freely be yourself. And yes, I have been debating moving my blog too, in part, just to reduce my "Friends" list and also to talk a bit more freely.

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