I've felt so rough these last few days, I've taken to mending things.
It was a bit of a forgotten art in this house. We'd developed a terrible habit of 'decluttering' which involved chucking things out which I might previously have tried to rescue. But my general malaise and uselessness over the last week, leaving me spending a lot of time on the sofa, confusedly resolving math problems and reading essays between painkillers, gave me time to rethink.
Thus far, I have replaced a few buttons, re-hemmed a couple of things, and removed a broken zip from a pair of my husband's work trousers, replacing it with buttons and buttonholes. Oh and I've patched a pair of jeans.
I did also try to remember how to darn, but unfortunately chose a sock which had gone beyond repair. Clutching my Daily Express Book of Wartime Needlework (thanks, Ali!) I carefully set up my darn, but there was no way I was up to the challenge of the gaping gap. I shall try again, on something less damaged.
It's a funny thing, we seem to have lost touch - previously, the £12 for a new pair of work trousers seemed so little. Now it seems a lot, and the half hour spent taking out the zip and sewing buttonholes, while confirming H's suspicions about HCFs and LCMs seems well paid.


Dorothy said...

Oh well done! I did learn to darn when young, but would really rather buy new socks because the darned bits used to cause me blisters. Such sensitive feet.{g}

Putting in new zips has always defeated me, however!

I ope you are feeling a little better this weekend.

Dorothy said...

'I ope you are feeling better'?

Blimey, I went all cockney for a moment there.

Jackie said...

Mockney, Dot. It's the Mick Jagger influence !!!!!!!!!!

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