Turning the other cheek

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In my absolute horror at the promotion of guns as a christian symbol of liberty, following the US election, I have googled in vain to find any reference to anti-gun christians, or christians against guns.
Google quails at the thought. Bemused by her inability to find all the words. she (Google is a she, right?) misses out the least popular one, and provides me with page after page of blogs, web pages, articles .... all proclaiming the gospel of violent self defence. According to one Jesus 'whipped the **** out of the moneychangers in the temple" Do we even have the same Bible?
We certainly don't serve the same Prince of Peace.
As Christmas approaches, I am reminded of the Jews, waiting for their warrior prince, waiting for the king who would set them free from the Romans, wielding no doubt a great sword, and yelling about his rights.
The saviour came, alright. But He was born in a shed, and he rarely even raised his voice. He forgave his tormentors, and taught us to do the same. He spoke the beatitudes.

Around here, sporting guns are the norm. That I can understand. But to own something designed to turn on a fellow human being? A hand gun? An Assault Rifle, for pity's sake?

Some people, it seems to me, are still waiting for the wrong guy.


Alison said...

Whatever made you think "Google" was female ??!!! Oh no, he's "male" !!! LOL or that's how I always think of him!!! Ali xxx

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