So Glad I Left

Firstly, a genuine apology to my genuine American friends before I even say this. I do not tar you all with the same brush. I know you do not all think like this. In fact, I know that some of you, my dear friends, do in fact think.

But this woman quoting this article makes me so glad I left my previous blog home.

What, Europe is responsible for all the sex and drugs in the world? Excuse me! Take a look at yourselves! Did we invent Hollywood? Do we have regular High School shoot outs? I don't think so.

Guardian Angel? Who are they kidding. I'm not often really really mad, but this article made me spit nails. Nasty racist piece of thuggery. Innacurate, insulting, facist propaganda.

Normal service will be resumed when my blood pressure has returned to manageable.


Catherine said...

I saw this one too and felt my blood boil!! Funny...I feel a lot of our "bad habits" have seeped in from across the pond!

Dorothy said...

Such ignorance is shameful, isn't it? Yes, racist codswallop.

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