Still Ill ....

I've had this ghastly virus for weeks!
Well that is to say I got better, had a few days free from it, and then it came back!
I'm trying to go very slowly - I know too many people who have suffered from post viral disorders to take risks - but I am beginning to stress out about all that needs to be done.
Still, as Ma used to say (that's Laura Ingalls' Ma, obviously) 'what can't be cured must be endured' (that's when she wasn't saying 'there's no great loss without some small gain' or 'Oh Charles', which was pretty much her repertoire in full. But oh how we love her!)
I've taken to the sofa and am knitting by the fire. The ponies get to go out every day, and if they don't get exercised, then they don't. It won't cause the fall of civilisation as we know it. That was last week, wasn't it?


Dorothy said...

Knitting by the fire sounds FANTASTIC! Sometimes, I think God slows us down with illness just so we can rest! LOL

PlainJane said...

Oh Jackie, you are so funny - even while ill. I do hope you get feeling better soon. I had been feeling rather poorly much of the summer and was afraid that that was now my lot in life, but have been noticing lately that I am finally feeling much better - have much more energy and getting things done - there is hope! Do take care! The fire sounds lovely - shall I come for tea?

Catherine said...

I hope you're back to full strength soon. Stay cosy!

Rachel from NZ said...

Hi Jackie,
Hope you're feeling better by now. I'm just popping in for a read of your blog - I laughed out loud at your blog on Prince Charles' birthday. I'm rather fond of him too - even though he has been a bit naughty, I still quite like him. And I went and read that article that made you so mad on homestead blogger - yes, would have made me mad too. :o) You know, people forget that Europe, and England in particular are mostly responsible for christianising the world - even America when you think about it.
I have a blog to post on the combined blog about Miss Read, but we're rather frantic here just now, but I hope to get there soon.
Rachel L from Down Under

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