The Watershed

This post marks the watershed.

Posts before it, old and thinly spread, were posted when this was a private blog, and I was mainly blogging elsewhere.
Those beyond are a new start, the old having been swept away. It's a smaller, more select audience (I hope) and I shall tread less carefully (be warned!)

The current situation with the girls and school (this being the major issue I was trying to work out on this blog, when it was in a secret corner) is that we have accepted God's answer of 'not yet' - but we still believe it may by part of their not so distant future.

I am not going to play catch up, trying to fill in a million details which weren't there, and are here. This is another side of me, another side of us. So if we surprise you, I hope it's pleasantly.


Dorothy said...

Oh-Oh...treading less carefully, eh? LOL!

I am one of your smaller and more select readers, yippee!

And I don't have to remember to sign it anymore. Brill!

Catherine said...

I LOVE your new look! Looking forward to reading the 'less careful' entries!! LOL!!!

PlainJane said...

Hello Dear,
Pretty blog you have here! Can we use your first name over here or would you rather it be kept secret?

Treading less carefully? Is that possible? lol

Thanks for the priviledge of being one of the chosen few - I feel honored.

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