Yay for H!

We took H and J (I do use nicknames for children and ponies, but in this case, both actually use their initial as their nickname!) to their first showjumping competition.

They came fourth!
Unfortunately, the flash and lens on our camera are not up to action shots, so this is in the line up.


Catherine said...

Woo Hoo! Well Done H and J!!!

Alison said...

Oh they both look so super !!! Its the first time I've seen a photo of J and he's gorgeous - H looks lovely on him! You must be feeling so very proud!!! Ali xxx

PlainJane said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO H & J!!!! That is super!!! Wow, she looks so distinguished. And you have really put a lot of work into J - she is so white I almost need sunglasses. :) ((Big Hugs))

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