Prince Charles at 60

I watched this documentary last night kind of by default, as I was still feeling pretty poorly. But I'm glad I did - I rather like Prince Charles, despite feeling he's not fantastic King material (you may write to me c/o The Tower, London, England).
I'm a big fan of Social Enterprise, which is the notion behind both my box scheme and our new dairy project - a way in which a business can provide a good living for those who work in it, but still be focussed on social aims, rather than excessive profit. The Prince of Wales has done more for Social Enterprise than just about anyone - except perhaps, thinking about it, the late Anita Roddick.
I was impressed by HRH's staying power and energy, and loved the glimpses into the garden at Highgrove. Like most people, I've kind of got used to Camilla, and admire her quiet discretion. I was of a generation captivated by the fairytale that was Diana. She lives on in her beautiful sons, there will never be another quite like her. But the DofC is a good solid countrywoman, got to hand it to her!
He gets it in the neck (an unfortunate thing to say about a potential king called Charles, but nevertheless ....) for his exploration of other faiths, does Charles, but I can't see he has a choice, really. We're a country of many faiths.
As for Poundbury I think the jury's out - I've heard differing opinions. You can't please everyone, that's for sure, even if you're the heir to the throne. Or perhaps especially if you're the heir to the throne.
By and large, well done him. Happy Birthday, Your Royal Highness.

Prince Charles with the very dashing Prince William


Dorothy said...

Come on, admit it! You still have a girly crush on him. Did you used to want to marry him when you were 11?LOL!

I used to want to marry Mick Jagger when I was 11. EEK!

Jackie said...

That explains a great deal, dear!

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